E. Gareth is an amateur writer who enjoys writing novels and novelettes about myths (mostly Greek) and also creating her own mythology.

Born in December 10, 1993, the almost 23 year old writer is an industrial engineer. She is very fluent in English, and also beginner at both French and German. In her free time, she enjoys taking photographs, blogging, and complaining about having not enough time, all the while she's actually procrastinating.

She is currently studying to get her MSc degree, and editing her unpublished novel as well as writing the sequel to it.


So far, E. Gareth completed two novels and a novelette, two of which are available on her blog for free.

The novelette, The Golden Sunshine, is a short prequel for the universe E. Gareth created, and tells the story of Goddess of Chaos Madison, and her demise.

The novel, The Star-Crossed, happens to be the prequel's sequel, and tells the story of God of Death Gerard, and how his life was turned upside down when his brother, God of Balance Alexei, decided to act on a vengeance.

The second novel, All The Kings' Men, is currently in the edit process and waits its turn to be queried for. The novel takes place in 22nd century Earth, where an unsuspecting human finds out about all the mythological stories he heard being real.

The Star-Crossed and The Golden Sunshine can be downloaded from the blog! In fact, the writer would love you to do that!


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